How Brides Should Select a Disc Jockey

How Brides Should Select a Disc Jockey

Posted by admin on August 2nd, 2011

Most wedding brides assume that a Disc-jockey/MC (MC) main job is tunes. However that is not true. Not with an experienced DJ/MC who knows his role as Master of ceremonies and even, event coordinator, are as important as their obligations DJ‘ing. DJ’ing represents about 15% of things i do at an event. It is my duties as MC and event planner that take up the majority of my time. Just how is this possible? Most of my work as a DJ is done prior to the event; meeting with the bride-to-be and groom, putting together the play list, determining the events that can occur at the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, in addition to any specific requests. This allows me to focus more on my duties as an MC and event coordinator at the event.

Given this, how must a bride-to-be select a Disc Jockey for her event?  Here’s what I suggest:

1) Discover what each Disc-jockey are in charge of at the party.

Some DJs prefer to remain behind their gear and just play music. Other people will happily serve as MC, coordinating all the events of the wedding reception, like the garter/bouquet throw, dinner, first dance, etc. This includes speaking with all your other vendors at the wedding reception, such as the videographer and photographer, to make sure that they are in the best place at the correct time to capture these special events.

This will help you review the DJs and their charges. One may be cheaper, but do much less than another. Whichever company you sign with, have the details in a prepared, signed agreement with a set cost.

2) Meet all the disc jockeys you are interviewing face-to-face.

A MC/DJ is one of the most important suppliers at your event. Character matters and first impressions are very important. A DJ/Master of ceremonies really helps to create the tone and atmosphere at the wedding reception, so it’s important that you check them out in person. Do they dress properly for this first meeting? Were they on time? Did they seem professional, personable and friendly? You may also ask them to make an announcement. Do you like their tone of voice? Do they have energy? Do they really present themselves well?

3) Check latest referrals.

Any professional DJ/MC should be able to present you with a listing of recent referrals; not just one or two, but 7 to 10. Contact those recommendations. You should get similar feedback from all of them. Ask if the MC/DJ went above the call of duty by any means and how they helped make your event a success. For example, at one of my occasions, the wedding coordinator at the facility became ill right prior to the wedding reception started. I quietly filled in and took over unbeknownst to the bride-to-be and groom, who had no clue exactly what had occurred until after the function was over.

4) Ask for tips.

A great DJ/MC has done hundreds of events and has observed different styles of weddings. Share the wedding suggestions with them to see what type of feedback they have for you personally. The DJ/MC can help you turn your ideas into a reality and also add details that you never thought of. Use their expertise to make your event much better.

For instance, I use my expertise in technologies and lighting effects to help couples create visual presentations and effects that may turn first dances and also the garter removal into memorable events.

5) Ensure they are available.

Your MC/DJ needs to be willing to meet or talk to you many times before your event. You might want to talk about your music choices, timeline of events, make changes, or ask for input. They should be excited and willing to offer their time to you for this once-in-a-lifetime, special event.


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