Montana Wedding Venues and Locations

Are you looking for the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, or both. Here is a list of known Montana Local locations and venues. Depending on how many guests you are planning on have for you event.



Smitty’s Barn

Accommodates 300+ guests, kitchen, bar, stage, and an out door fire pit. This wedding venue can accommodate your wedding ceremony and your reception. Tables and chairs included. This barn has a rustic western feel. plenty of parking as well. This Reception venue also works great with St. Timothy’s

Anaconda Country Club

Indoor or Out door Venue.



Mile High Event center

Vigilante Rodeo Grounds

The Original Mine

Mt. Con

The Depot

The Front Street

Basin Creek Resivor

The Country Club

The McQueen Club

The Silver Bow Center

The Five Mile

East Side Athletic Club

Home Steak Lodge

Coper City Event Center

The Mac

Montana Tech

The K of C

The Elks Lodge


Deer Lodge

The Pen





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