Nifty ideas

Nifty ideas I have picked up along the way


I have been to over two hundred weddings and I have had the pleasures of seeing the creativity of many people. I can’t take credit for many of these ideas but I can at the least share them with you.

Wood Block Pictures

Here is a decoration idea that works great on your tables for your guests. You can use everyday photos from throughout your relationship, or use engagement photos on wood squares cut out of 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 or what ever size you feel fits you best. Here is a instructional video of how to make these for wedding decorations, or on the car table or gust book table at your wedding.

Table Camera’s for Wedding Guests

I have seen wedding memories missed because the camera was just not there when it needed to be. Consider disposable cameras for every other table. Keep in mind that the cost to get the pictures printed will be up there if you have a million cameras, so don’t “over do” it!  Generally it is a good idea to spread out at least twelve cameras on the tables for the guests. After your big day you can get them all printed or just do once a month. Some people save all them for their one year anniversary, but hey-that is completely up to you.


Wedding Day Digital Pics

At one wedding I saw this idea and absolutely loved it! Send a friend or a family member on a mission during you wedding. This will take a digital camera, extra camera card, and a digital picture frame. The outcome is really cool. Have your helpers snap pictures of you before and during the wedding. Ask them to just keep you in the picture. Then when all is said and done and you are getting your pictures taken and your guests are heading to the reception have them stick the memory card in a digital picture frame that is set up at your guest book. This will help your guests remember the magic when they are singing in to your guest book.


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