Top 5 Wedding Catering Tips

Top 5 Wedding Catering Tips

Posted by Thomas Rosquin on Wednesday December 28, 2011


Delectable food, magnificent ambiance and lively entertainment create a successful wedding reception that would be truly cherished and remembered not only by the bride and groom but also by their invited loved ones and friends. Selecting a reliable caterer among the growing number of wedding catering services in the food industry assures of a well-planned and exceptionally executed celebration of union, love, happiness and new beginnings.

Here are some wedding tips.

1) Ask for referrals. Family members and friends are more than eager to give referrals on reputable caterers who provide the best food and service in town. These reliable referral sources are willing to recommend catering services based on either first-hand experiences or word of mouth. If the recommended wedding catering service does not suit their taste, the couple could also search through the ads in the internet or written media and do a countercheck based on the company’s previous clients.

2) Select wisely. Since a hefty 45-50% of the wedding budget is apportioned to menu and reception expenses, the couple must be wise and sensible in choosing the right wedding caterer. The selection process is based on affordability, food quality through taste tests and samples, presentation, type of service, and special perks and offers.

3) Plan with the caterer. To assure a smooth flow of food, service and entertainment during the reception, the couple and the caterer should have a wonderful working relationship in carefully planning out the much anticipated event through a series of scheduled appointments. Meetings should include menu and price selection, special themes and motif, table and chair settings, decoration and presentation, extent of planner or caterer involvement during the ongoing reception, wine bar options, ratio of food attendants to guests, service charges or gratuity, and after-care clean-up.

4) Never hesitate to ask questions, give suggestions and seek clarifications. A wedding should be a momentous occasion for the bride and groom extended to their well-wishers. Quality of food and service should never be compromised whether the wedding celebration is elaborately grand or blithely simple. It would be advisable to have checklists and jot down notes enumerating salient points that need further inquiry or clarification from the wedding catering service. Suggestions from both the couple and caterer are encouraged to be able to come up with better styles in actualizing preferred concepts and themes for a more personalized and memorable wedding celebration.

5) It is important to act quickly. There are those wedding planners who hire the best catering companies 6-12 months prior to the actual wedding. And by reserving your wedding caterer way in advance you can be sure to beat out other types of parties such as anniversaries or reunions. Remember the early bird catches the worm. And by crossing of the carting from your wedding-to-do list you will be saving piece of mind.

Your wedding is one of the most stressful days of your life. Food is an integral part of the festivities. So be prepared because will all your other responsibilities, having a knowledgeable and experienced catering company will help your day go smoothly.


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