Wedding Officiator Butte Montana

Standing at the, alter and saying I do. This is the biggest part of your entire day. All your planning, your hard work, this moment in time. You have your license, everybody is gathered. It is time to be pronounced Mr. and Mrs.

Most couples getting married know what kind of services they want for the ceremony. Some couples don’t even know where to start. In either case we are here to help. If you attend a church, a good place to start is with the minister. Some couples know someone who is a wedding officiator. The Justice of the peace is also a great person to go to. I have been in the wedding business for many years and the professionalism of a good wedding officiator can be hard to come by. I recommend going with what you want, and what you are comfortable with. Here are a few recommendations for you. Click on their name for more information about the services offered.



The court house is a great place to start. 126 W Granite St  Butte, Mt 59701(406) 497-6200 any of the judges can preform services,

I am also a ordained minister and have preformed wedding services my self depending on the location


Pastor Mark Liesch

Butte Evangelical Free Church 406-560-1907


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